Getting into the Acting World Fast

The first thing anyone reading this needs to understand is that no one gets into acting FAST. Relatively fast, perhaps, but relative to what? The question varies. For some people who watch all their shows through vendors like and hear about the celebrity success stories, they think that they’ll get discovered – that it’s just a matter of waiting.

Real actors work their butts off and many of them really do take on some crap roles before they ever do something of note. It’s all about your motivation for being in the career and what you hope to take away from the experience.

If you get into acting for the chance of wealth and recognition, then you are in for a very long and painful road – a road that, even to completion, might not end in your favor. True actors know that it’s about the love of the craft and the ability to assimilate and define a role that is beyond your own.

Only when you can understand the level of commitment and dedication can you have an idea as to how fast and how easy it will be for you to enter the acting world. In the end, however, you must have a motivation that far outweighs petty wealth.

Will Theater Survive In The Modern Age?

Some parts of the entertainment media love to talk about the imminent demise of theater. The thinking is that modern audiences have little patience for watching plays having been spoiled by lavish movie productions featuring high tech special effects and huge budgets.

Theater does not have these attributes, and that’s part of its enduring appeal. It’s also a key reason why theater will continue to delight audiences. A stage production does not need to generate a huge financial return in order to be considered a success. Actors are not paid tens of millions to appear Read the rest of this entry »

Making A Living As An Actor.

Some people love to perform, and the field of acting to provide wonderful opportunities. However, the acting field is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to make a living as an actor. Fortunately, there are steps actors can take to improve their odds of landing jobs; here are a few tips.

First, it is important to work on your craft is much as possible. Too often, inexperienced actors fail to develop their acting abilities on a regular basis. Acting needs to be practiced regularly, and Read the rest of this entry »

The History Of Broadway From The Beginning.

Broadway shows in New York City have offered millions of fans of musical theater a place to go to see live musical shows on stage. In 1866, at the end of the Civil War, “The Black Crook” was the first staged Broadway musical. Later, performances included orchestras, dance troupes and staged sets as it soared in popularity with audiences of all nationalities, backgrounds and races.

In 1891, electric marquis advertising upcoming musicals were started in this popular area so fans would know what shows were coming to town. They ranged from drama, comedy, Read the rest of this entry »

The 10 Best Plays Of All Time.

HARVEY: A gentle man and an imaginary rabbit, or is he? This play follows a kind, unusual man and his influence over all he touches.

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK: Set in Nazi war time, a young girl’s thoughts and coming of age while in hiding from Hitler.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: A traditional Jewish father’s struggle as his daughters desire to marry for love and not tradition.

SOUND OF MUSIC: Captivating true story of a Captain, his former nun wife and children- struggle and Read the rest of this entry »

The History Of London’s Theater Land.

Theater Land is the name given to a small area in London’s West End that is the location of the majority of commercial theaters in the English capital city. London’s West End is internationally recognized as the home to some of the best, and most commercially successful plays and musicals in the world.

The first theater opened in the area now known as Theater Land was the Theater Royal Drury Lane in May 1663; very few theater were added to the area until the opening of The Old Vic and Adelphi in Read the rest of this entry »

The Art and Science Of Stage Management.

There is an art and science to stage management. It doesn’t work well for everyone, but some people really have the ability to do this well. This is something that requires a lot of precision.

Stage managers have a lot to take in at the same time. They have to choreograph each scene with perfect timing. They have to make sure that the right characters are on the right stage at the right time. These managers have to make sure Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Drama Schools In The World.

The best acting school in the world is the American Conservatory Theater’s school in San Francisco. Notable graduates of this school include Winona Ryder, Nicolas Cage and Denzel Washington. The great thing about this school is that the students get to work with mentors who are making their living as actors.
Students at the American Conservatory Theater school graduate with a Master’s in Fine Arts. Students have the opportunity to interact on a regular basis with mentors who are Read the rest of this entry »

The Life Of Mr David Garrick.

Many people whose orbits include the legitimate theater know the name of David Garrick (1717-1779), but few perhaps understand his enormous contribution to the field they love.

During his time in the theater, Garrick was many things: critic, playwright and manager. His fame came quickly one night — in the quintessential example of theater legend — when, in the starring role of “Richard III,” he went out a mere actor and came back a star.

He was lauded for a Read the rest of this entry »